Here some of the questions
that people often ask me

1. Who seeks out Strengths-based
Leadership coaching?

Coaching is a way to help successful people realize higher levels of achievement much faster than they could by themselves.

People may have a wide range of reasons to seek out coaching, from self-improvement to increasing their productivity and effectiveness. In our experience, coachees seek to gain or regain confidence and clarity when challenged by one of the following:

  • A desire to grow, or to develop new skills (a challenge, stretch goal or opportunity)
  • New responsibilities (a gap exists in knowledge, skills, confidence, or resources)
  • New challenges or problems (more clarity needed for choices that are to be made)
  • Personal or professional stagnation (greatest Strengths and talents need to be identified to leverage them)

2. How do we kick-start a coaching journey?

It all starts with an exploratory conversation for both you and me, either by phone or virtually, to explore your needs and how we can best partner together. We review the opportunities and challenges, the scope of the coaching relationship, and desired results. Subsequent coaching sessions on a regular basis are held virtually and last 60 to 90 minutes.

Between biweekly scheduled coaching sessions, you will be asked to become a reflective practitioner. This means taking time to step back, reflect and observe your Leadership practice. Coaching sessions will be enhanced with e-learning modules, articles, videos, specific exercises and assessments to complete. You may need to become familiar with new models to support your reflections and action plans.

The duration of the coaching relationship typically lasts 3 to 6 months, but varies depending on the needs and preferences of the coaching client.

3. What Does A Coaching Session Look Like?

Your Preparation
& Reflection on your
Leadership Practice
(60 min)

Check-in and
Learning insights
with your Coach

Coaching on your
Real Challenges &
Future Aspirations

Action plan
& Next Steps

Preparation for the
Next Session &

4. Who pays for my sessions, me or my employer?

You or your employer can pay for the coaching sessions. It is common today for organizations to offer coaching to their employees. In this case, the coachee agrees to allow her/his coach to update the employer on the progress being made and whether or not the client is participating at a satisfactory level. In both cases, no confidential information can ever be shared outside of the coach/client relationship unless the coach is compelled to do so by law or ethical obligation.

5. What is the value of coaching?

We are obviously biased. However, after many years of research, the evidence is indisputable: people who have invested time and energy in a coaching relationship advance more rapidly, get paid more, are more committed to their organizations and experience higher levels of satisfaction in their jobs and their careers.  Coaching is an effective way to learn, unlearn and relearn in today’s complex world.

Because of its uniqueness and personalization along with the accountability partnership with a coach, individual coaching easily outweighs attending normal training workshops or conferences.

6. Is coaching right for you?

Coaching is a partnership consisting of collaborative conversations. Do you value other perspectives, new viewpoints or different approaches? Are you willing to commit the time and energy to make changes necessary to achieve your desired outcome? If the answer is yes to both of these questions, then coaching may be a beneficial way to grow and develop your untapped potential.

Review my Strengths-based Leadership Coaching Packages and connect with me to discover the way forward.

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