My Coaching

As your coach, I help you reflect and guide you to find your own answers and unlock hidden potential. I will help you build the confidence you need to boost your leadership. I will help you define and adapt your unique leadership style to different situations.

I work with you to develop a partnership centered around your needs to help you be aware of all the factors that might affect your leadership practice. Together, we will explore alternative ways to proceed, help you spot patterns and possibilities.

By providing you with tools, skill-building models, frameworks, and structures, we co-create a realistic plan for optimizing your progression, aligning your role, and accelerating the achievement of your goals.

I love contributing to the transformation my clients undergo while growing into a leader with a global mindset.


My Profile

During your journey with me, you will discover your Strengths and find out about your profile and what makes you unique. Here are my Strengths in action:


Inspired by the future and its possibilities, I energize others with vision of the future.


I search for reasons and cause. I identify all the factors that might affect a situation.


I create alternative ways to proceed. I spot patterns and possibilities.


I maximize the unique qualities of each person.

What Does A Coaching
Session Look Like?

Your Preparation
& Reflection on your
Leadership Practice
(60 min)

Check-in and
Learning insights
with your Coach

Coaching on your
Real Challenges &
Future Aspirations

Action plan
& Next Steps

Preparation for the
Next Session &

Upcoming Projects
& News

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