Why Strength-based

Do you want to increase your impact and your influence? Are you looking to accelerate your success and elevate your leadership? With Strengths-based Leadership Coaching, open new possibilities and build a plan for impactful business decision and action.

Everyone Is a Leader

You are a business leader, a senior manager, a team leader or a high potential leader. However, often what got you there is not what will bring you to where you want to be. Whether you are a leader in service industry, finance, sales, or marketing, or in another field of work, I will help you move forward and achieve new heights.

Strengths-Based Leadership
Coaching Packages

Your Strengths

Your Strengths are the starting point. I’ll guide you to rediscover not only what you are good at, but also what you love doing and what makes you a unique leader. With this package, you will improve your ability to lead with Strengths, accelerate the achievement of your objectives and build Strengths-based partnerships.

Your Leadership

If you are looking for ways to amplify your impact, this package is for you. If you are a business leader, you will gain practical insights and build a path for optimal performance as well as an enhanced well-being and agility. During this coaching journey, you will reflect on your leadership capabilities. Most importantly, you will explore your current challenges and future aspirations to find concrete solutions to lead with more confidence and make you stronger.

Optimize Your
Business Development

For business leaders and service professionals, this package will help you increase your scope, strengthen your abilities to network, negotiate more effectively, and generate more business that aligns with your values and your Strengths. In addition, you will explore how to manage various stakeholders, work across silos and build significant, long-term partnerships.

Start Your
Coaching Journey

Think about a current challenge in your leadership practice. Reflect on a few Strengths-based questions, and explore new insights.  Identify questions you want to explore with me.  Let’s kick-start your coaching journey!

Book a Discovery
Call with Me

Let’s start the conversation. I will answer your questions and introduce you to my Strengths-based approach.

Success Stories

Jean-François Tremblay, MBA, CFA
Director, Capital and Corporate Financing, Beneva

Ron is an outstanding coach who has helped me understand my Strengths and how to apply them in my professional environment. Thanks to his vast experience in the world of Finance, he easily grasped the challenges I was facing. Armed with his good advice, I have become a leader with solid foundations, who knows how to use his own skills well. Thanks Ron!

Zabi Tarshi, M.Sc. Fin, PRM
Senior FSS Analyst, Bank of Canada

Through regular contact and follow-ups, sharing information and resources online, and asking the right questions, Ron's very accessible yet professional coaching style has helped me a lot to improve and be more effective in my communications."

Anik Dufour, CFA, FRM, CAIA
Senior Advisor, Capital Adequacy / Stress Testing, Desjardins

When I first started working with Ron, one of my goals was to take my conversations to the next level, whether it was during difficult conversations or during conversations to initiate strategic working relationships. Ron guided me through my preparation, supporting me to listen to the other person, imagining scenarios of how the conversation might go, and being authentic to my style and Strengths.

Thinking back to those early exchanges, I know I've come a long way as his suggestions are now part of my own system. I come back to Ron regularly for coaching because of his great people skills, deep understanding of individual Strengths and experience in leadership roles.

Jaclyn Height Falkenberg
Co-active Leadership Coach, Dare to Imagine Coaching

Ron's strength is his ability to uncover the client's strengths. Knowing their strengths, the client can rely on what gives him confidence, direction and ultimately a path to achieve values-based goals.

Ron is a very experienced and efficient coach. His coaching style is warm, curious and caring. His superpower is the ability to identify a client's strengths and how they can be applied to a client's goals. Ron has helped me discover how I can ground my business growth plans with a solid understanding of myself and my strengths. I now have a path to follow with strategic steps to take that seems courageous, authentic and in line with my values.