Strengths-based Leadership
Coaching Packages

Individual Coaching

I offer 3 types of Strengths-based Leadership individual Coaching Packages:

  • Unleash Your Strengths
  • Amplify your Leadership
  • Optimize your Business Development

Depending on your needs, we will develop together a plan for your goals with a series of virtual coaching sessions of 90 minutes each, in addition to the preparation and reflective work.

Group Of Leaders
Or Team Coaching

Please contact me to further discuss your needs and explore various Strengths-based Team and CoDev solutions for Leaders.

Unleash Your

In a context where everything is changing around us, isn’t it time to anchor ourselves in our greatest Strengths? How can you better lead with Strengths? Research shows that exceptional leaders stand out for their ability to identify each other’s Strengths, to optimize the use of these in the context of work, and to transform them into a powerful lever.

For Who?

  • For leaders who want to progress to another level and lead projects and teams with a clearer understanding of their Strengths.
  • For those who seek to rediscover their Strengths to lead with more confidence and resilience.
  • For those who wish to understand their potential blind spots and roadblocks to their success.
  • For those who would like to learn how to better build cross-organizational agility and stimulate multidisciplinary partnerships.


Progress review

Building Your Four-Part Success Plan

Module 3 | coaching session

Unleash Your Potential

Module 2 | coaching session

Rediscover Your Strengths

Module 1 | coaching session


Kick-start | coaching session

Journey and Results

  • Complete the Gallup Clifton Strengths 34 questionnaire
  • Engage in 3 live coaching sessions, every 2 weeks, and in an introduction session (90-min sessions via Zoom/Teams/phone)
  • Complete exercises and tools in between coaching sessions to stimulate insights and action
  • Build your Strengths-based Success Plan.
  • Results: A concrete plan to unleash your strengths and accelerate potential, goals and aspirations.

Amplify Your

Do you want to feel more confident to lead in these complex times? Do you want to bring clarity to your team, establish a vision, set clear and concrete goals and learn how to grow and mobilize your team with Strengths?

For Who?

Business Leaders, Executives, Managers, Team Leaders, Project Leaders, High Potential Leaders.

Leadership Circle

Module 5 | 6-12 months later (Optional), To build your co-leadership with other leaders

Celebration of Achieved Objectives

Module 4 | Review of next steps

Develop Your Potential

Module 3 | 4 coaching sessions every 3-4 weeks

Celebration of Successes

Module 2 | Mid-point review of coaching objectives

Create Your Foundation

Module 1 | 4 coaching sessions every 2 weeks

Confirm Coaching Objectives

Kick-start | 1 coaching session

Possible themes

  • Leading and navigating in Complexity
  • Enhancing Influence
  • Team Engagement
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Building partnerships
  • Develop an inspiring vision
  • Executive Presence and Communication
  • Making impactful decisions
  • Communication
  • 360 leadership

Optimize Your
Business Development

Are you looking to expand your network and generate more business that aligns with your values and your Strengths? Would you like to explore how to manage various stakeholders, and build significant, long-term partnerships?

For Who?

Senior managers, managers, sales directors, account managers, and service professionals who are looking for ways to improve themselves as leaders in the business development domains.

Celebration of Achieved Objectives

Module 6 | Review of next steps

Main Promotion Strategies

Module 5 | 2 coaching

Successful Sales Conversation

Module 4 | 2 coaching sessions

Celebration of successes

Module 3 | Mid-point review of coaching objectives

Building Trust and Credibility

Module 2 | 2 coaching sessions

Create your foundation

Module 1 | 1 coaching session

Confirm Coaching Objectives

Kick-start | 1 coaching session


  • Know your Strengths as a leader with business development aspirations
  • Review your strategic business development plan
  • Develop new approaches, innovate, get out of your comfort zone
  • Learn to manage time better and increase revenue and profitability
  • Become aware of your own style, to find what is unique in you.